Events news


Coming to Willowmore again in August is the Trans Baviaans mountain bike race. Each year this event grows and has become a “must do” to most of the hard core cyclists. Which is why our little town is booked up almost a year in advance to the race! To anyone who is looking to do some good¬†off road routes, come poke around our country side.

Later in September, our neighbouring town, Uniondale host’s the staring point to the Karoo to Coast mountain bike race. Uniondale is as small as Willowmore, therefor we offer many of the participants accommodation that is not to far away from the starting point.


Now also in Willowmore every year, is the God’s Karoo Woman Conference. ¬†Usually held on the first weekend in November. It is the equivalent to the Mighty Men weekend hosted by Angus ( Faith like potatoes ) It has become very popular with the woman who have attended and is said to be a must attend!

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